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CIO Review have released an SAP Technology Special Edition, where they selected 20 of the most promising SAP software solution partners.

We are pleased to have been included in the top 20, and for the cover story. You can read the cover story in the online edition of the magazine at CIO Review SAP Technology Special Edition starting on page 14.

What do we do?



Affordable, reliable and easy

Our products are extremely flexiblestrategic, very affordable, and improve application security and user productivity. All of the products are designed to be easy to install and manage, and you can rely on them, when it matters... We understand that user authentication needs to work 24x7x365 when users logon to critical business applications, and if a problem is encounted, it needs to be fixed quickly to minimise loss of user productivity.


Our TrustBroker products are typically used with SAP business applications, and various solutions are described on our SAP Solutions Website.

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