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About CyberSafe TrustBroker Support Services

Our Approach

CyberSafe supports its global customers through best-in-industry support services, with a contractually agreed support service-level agreement, so you be sure that CyberSafe Support Representatives will be responsive when you need them the most. All of the CyberSafe Support Representatives are committed to achieving exceptional customer service and focused to satisfy the customers technical needs, whilst always respecting the critical nature of the applications which are using TrustBroker products for authentication and security.

The TrustBroker products, have advanced troubleshooting features, and these are used when requried to ensure the business-critical applications downtime is minimisd, and to ensure that users productivity is not effected. The products are continuiously being reviewed and enhanced to further ensure that time to troubleshoot any problems is kept to a minimum. A combination of the product troubleshooting features and the expertise of the Support Representatives, ensures peace-of-mind.

Our Reputation

The CyberSafe Support Representatives, often get told by our customers that they have been providing excellent support to the customer, and exceeding expectations. In some cases, customers have written short product reviews on SAP EcoHub, and mentioned the our support. You can see all of the customer product reviews for TrustBroker Secure Client and TrustBroker Adapter products - just click on the Reviews tab for each product to see the full list. You will also notice that most of them are giving 5-star ratings.

Some support related quotes from the SAP EcoHub product reviews are included below:

"Having dealt with many different vendors over the last 12 years, I can honestly say their support is the best I have ever experienced; they are very knowledgeable, and extremely responsive."

"Technical support from CyberSafe is top notch and we still have to face the first situation in a complex global environment like ours where they were not able to assist us."

"The configuration of the product was easy, well documented and the great support of the CyberSafe team allowed us to get the architecture tested and validated in a short time."

"As a migration project needed a Kerberos based SSO tool, the choice was CyberSafe. One of the reasons was that several worldwide customers have proven the flexibility and scalability of the product making the choice easy. Furthermore the support of CyberSafe proved to be more than excellent as the chosen new outsourcing vendor had policies of their shared virtualized OS making installations of many products allmost impossible. CyberSafe modified their application in a matter of days, to support the requriements of the hosting vendor and therefore supported us in the timelines of the project, and were a big contributor to the success of the project."

"We installed TrustBroker Secure Client to improve security on the workstations of our customer-facing end users who process credit card payments. We are very happy with the product and found the installation and implementation to be far easier than expected, especially with the excellent (and very patient) customer support we received. We have resolved an auditing gap and have enjoyed problem-free operation for 9 months."

"After a period of comparing different SAP SSO solutions, we decided to choose TrustBroker Secure Client. It took some time to fully understand SSO in combination with SAP, but in the end installation was easy and a great success for everyone in the company. Support response time is very quick combined with excellent technical expertise. The success was so great, that we decided to also order TrustBroker Adapter for Web-based SAP applications."

"I did a an evaluation of SSO solutions for a global customer who then chose the CyberSafe TrustBroker product for their SAP GUI and Web-based SAP applications. Thanks to excellent support from CyberSafe the pilot implementation was an easy win and the rollout a success. The customer is very happy with the solution. I can recommend shortlisting CyberSafe for any SSO evaluations for authentication against SAP systems."

"Our landscape and security features are quite unique but CyberSafe was up to the challenge. The support team was always available and patiently guided us through installations. I have worked with no better vendor in terms of support."

If you would like to talk to some of our exisitng customers, to ask them about our support and our products, we can usually arrange this for you.

Why not try our support services yourself?

Our Support Services

Before you become a CyberSafe customer...

Our support services usualy begin when a representative from an interested company makes contact with us, to discuss our products. This is when we assign a Single Point of Contact (S.P.O.C.). The S.P.O.C. is a highly expereinced technical expert, and becomes the single contact person they deal with during their initial interest in our TrustBroker products, through to us providing first line technical support when they purchase the products, and need help with deployment.

Often questions arrise and need to be answered prompty and clearly, and we pride ourselves in being able to listen, and explain clearly how our products can meet requriements, and solve security issues. If the interested company decides to evaluate the TrustBroker products, or arrange for a proof-of-concept, then they also need technical support from us. When installing the products, the customer is most of the time able to complete the installation without any help, by just following the documentation, but we are there to answer any questions and recommend that they try certain features.

We also assist by advising on product architecture, deployment approach and best practices, and are always ensuring that the company using our products is taking full advantage of the many features in the TrustBroker products, to protect and improve access to their critical business applications.

The above mentioned services are all 100% Free, and included in the standard services we offer when helping a prospective customer whilst they consider our products - no professional services are needed.

When you become a CyberSafe customer...

When a company decides to invest in the TrustBroker products, we ask that a Maintenance & Support fee is paid each year, which entitles them access to all of our support services, as well as access to new releases of the product.

Online Support

The tools available to provide support services (both during an evaluation or proof-of-concept, and when the company has purchased TrustBroker products), are described on our Support Services Website.

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