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CyberSafe to Exhibit at SAP® TechEd 2011 Las Vegas.

Showcasing Security Solutions That Go Beyond Single Sign-On

LONDON – Sept. 6, 2011 – Leading security software vendor and SAP partner CyberSafe Limited today announced it will showcase its Kerberos and Active Directory-based security solutions, including secure single sign-on and more, at the SAP® TechEd 2011 conference being held in Las Vegas Sept. 12-16. CyberSafe will exhibit at SAP TechEd in booth 210.

CyberSafe’s TrustBroker products go far beyond single sign-on when used with SAP business applications.  The TrustBroker products include an implementation of Kerberos built entirely by CyberSafe and designed to improve user authentication and protect critical business applications.  Since it is not based on open source code, it does not suffer from the security vulnerabilities or complex or difficult configuration requirements often found in open source implementations of the protocol.  TrustBroker products also include many features not found in typical secure single sign-on products, such as advanced auditing, reducing time to troubleshoot authentication issues, and automatic encryption key renewal, improving security and minimizing manual encryption key management.  With TrustBroker products, customers can take full advantage of an existing Active Directory infrastructure, use shared workstations (where secure single sign-on is not appropriate) or log on from another network, such as a network of an outsourcing partner, a customer or business partner.

CEO Tim Alsop, an expert in security with proficiency in authentication, encryption and secure single sign-on, explains why CyberSafe has so much to offer users of SAP applications:  “CyberSafe has been providing Kerberos-based security solutions designed for use with SAP applications for the past two decades.  Through our vast experience, we have learned that single sign-on is not enough to answer everyone’s needs.  Some customers have a requirement where it is not suitable, and we have designed solutions to help them with this.”

In some cases, corporate security policy does not allow single sign-on, but the company still wants to use Active Directory for authentication of users.  CyberSafe’s TrustBroker products can support this scenario for both front-end software and Web browser authentication.  The benefit of this is that the existing Active Directory infrastructure is used for user authentication with or without SSO for the log on to SAP applications and is also used for the Windows workstation logon. Having a single and common Active Directory infrastructure to manage security policy means that the company can maximize its return on investment and improve the security of the application and user authentication.  It also helps with security compliance and meeting audit requirements.

“Sometimes single sign-on is not possible, or not appropriate, and supporting these cases makes the TrustBroker products unique, compared to other similar products available for use with authentication of SAP business applications,” added Alsop.  “For example, when a workstation is shared by more than one user, SSO cannot be used, but Active Directory can still be used for user authentication with TrustBroker products.”

“In some instances, single sign-on is a baseline solution that our customers implement using TrustBroker products, but the products do a lot more.  We have learned through working with so many customers over the last 20 years that, in order to improve the security of critical business applications, quite often single sign-on is not what the customer wants.  Meeting real customer needs for protecting and authenticating users to critical applications has led us to develop a suite of solutions that goes beyond single sign-on.”

At SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas, Tim Alsop will lead two Expert Sessions titled “Demand More Than Single Sign-On (SSO) – Five Reasons Why You Should,” where he will guide attendees through some of the many considerations that face companies as they seek to improve their application authentication landscape.

Visit CyberSafe at SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas in booth 210 or at http://CyberSafe.com, or email CyberSafe using Info@CyberSafe.com.

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